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Iceflowers on window are always exciting: you need a close look to detect them, but after this you will be astonished of what a wealth of forms they take. These samples are from 1-10mm flowers, occasionally as large as 20mm in diameter. You have to make preparations before photographing iceflowers: to avoid dirty and uggly images clean up the window if you expect iceflowers to be born. Images turn out very differently depending on the colour of the light and on the background colours.
Flowers have been photographed using bellows and a lens from an enlargement apparatus. Flowers have been grown on a glass plate which has been used as a lid on a large cardboard box. Moisture has been fed into the box (through a small hole) from a raindrain. Shape and general appearance of the iceflowers is more and less a random process depending on many factors. So this all has been experimenting and hopes of beautiful surprises for early morning sun.
This ice flower batch is a "direct copy" of a slide archive, which again is a compressed set of some 1500 ice flower slides. So there are some "identical" images posted, because the slide archive may include images which differ from each other by exposure bracketting. (Bracketting is usually "wiped" away when preparing images for posting.)
Some images may have some unsharpness (poor focus, tilted glass, camera shaking, screws not tightened, wind shaking glass). In some cases this has been written onto image.

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